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Joe Harn Mitigation Fee Act

I will be sending the following email to several people and wanted to get your take on my statements.


The link below is a 55 minute portion of a EDC Board of Supervisors meeting from November 17, 2015. The discussion is between the county’s Board of Supervisors, their County Counsel, and the Auditor Controller and is about paying for a Diamond Springs Fire Truck that was purchased with the use of funds created by California’s Mitigation Fee Act which had just recently been clarified by the State Supreme Court in Walker vs The City of San Clemente leaving the Auditor in the position of possibly paying the wrong recipient.

The reason for sending this is that the Board of Supervisors is considering eliminating the elected’s positions and making them appointed. The electeds in this county include the District Attorney, the Treasurer/Tax Collector, the Tax Assessor, the Surveyor, and the Auditor/Controller. There is a meeting of the Board of Supervisors coming up that will be a discussion about this issue. If these positions are appointed then the public will have little recourse to what will become department heads.

Considering the tone of this meeting I believe that the Board would have fired the Auditor/Controller for his stance on this matter. It was a couple of months later that a suit was filed, Austin

Joe Harn Mitigation Fee Act

vs El Dorado County which the county subsequently lost and is now deciding whether or not to appeal. It appears the Auditor Controller was right and the Board and County Counsel were wrong. Damnably embarrassing!!

You may want to send a letter or email to your member of the Board of Supervisors about this issue.

Steve Ferry



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